Why you Should Insulate your Tanks, Pipes and Radiators

When we think of insulation, we think of the loft and our walls. But did you know you can save a lot of money if you insulate your tanks, pipes and radiators?

We’ll shed some light on how much you can expect to save just by lagging water tanks and pipes and insulating behind radiators.

Hot water tanks

Did you know that you’re losing money by not insulating your hot water tank? If you insulate your tank, you can save between £100 and £135 a year! That’s a huge saving for a small outlay of just £15 for a jacket that fits around the tank.

If you’ve already got a jacket on your tank, check the thickness. It should be at least 75mm – if it isn’t, consider buying a new one. If you top up the insulation to the recommended level, you could save an additional £25 – £35 on your bills.

insulate pipes with foam
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Insulate your pipes

Your exposed hot water pipes will cause the water to cool down if they aren’t insulated. It’s really easy to insulate accessible pipes, but if any are hidden away you might want to call a professional.

You’ll save around £10 per year if you insulate your pipes, and payback time should be just 2 years. All the insulation is is foam tubes that cover any exposed pipes.


A good way to save money on your heating bills is to add reflector panels to your radiators. They cost very little and sit behind your radiators to reflect heat back into the room instead of letting the heat out through an external wall.

Radiator reflectors work best when they’re installed on uninsulated external walls, but it’s still worth doing on insulated external walls to pinch the pennies further.

Tip: According to Channel 4’s Super Scrimpers, tin foil also works quite well as a makeshift reflector panel.

It’s amazing how much you can save on your energy bills just by insulating your tanks, pipes and radiators. If you’ve not done it yet, head down to your local DIY shop now or call a professional insulation installer who will be able to help.

Emily Rivers

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