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Loft lagging and insulation


As heat rises it’s important to have sufficient loft insulation in place, to retain this warmth in your home and keep energy prices down. In fact, a quarter of the heat your boiler produces can be lost through an uninsulated loft or roof. However, adequately insulating your loft is a simple and effective way to stop wasting this energy.

And the great news is, once insulated it’ll last for at least 40 years, paying for itself time and time again in the heat retained.

So how much could you save with loft insulation?

With loft insulation you can save up to £200 every single year (with the recommended amount of 270mm). And with installation costs at just £300, you can pay the cost back in as little as two years, seeing savings year-on-year. On top of this you’ll be able to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 730kg annually.

If your loft already has insulation in place, it might be worthwhile seeing if you have adequate lagging. If the whole of the UK had loft insulation up to 270mm, there would be a combined saving of £500 million annually and 2.7 million tonnes of CO2. The Energy Saving Trust says this is the equivalent of 100,000 cars.

Loft insulation for easy access:

If your loft is easy to access and there are no damp or condensation problems to take into consideration, then the fitting of loft lagging will be reasonably straight forward.

Rolls of mineral wool will be laid between the joists in your loft and then a secondary layer is used to cover the joists too. This is continued until the required depth is met. This work can be completed by a professional or a competent DIYer.

If you plan to use your loft as storage or living space then you’ll want boards laid over the top of the insulation. Unfortunately, by doing this you won’t have suitable insulation in place. There are two possible ways to counter this though:

  • Insulate between the joists and then lay insulation boards on top
  • Raise the floor level of the loft so you can adequately insulate with lagging.

Loft insulation for difficult access:

Some lofts are harder to access, so rolling lagging between the joists won’t be possible. In these instances you’ll need a professional with specialist equipment to blow fire-retardant material made of cellulose fibre or mineral into the loft. This isn’t a particularly time consuming job and can take a professional just a couple of hours.

Damp lofts

If you have damp or condensation issues in your loft then you will need to get this addressed before having the insulation installed. Insulation will make your loft colder and no heat from the home is passing through, making any damp problems worse. Make sure to always get expert advice from professionals before going ahead with insulation in the loft.

Pipes, water tank and loft hatch

Once your insulation has been fitted the loft will be colder. This means that pipes and water tanks are more likely to freeze, especially when winter rolls around. Don’t neglect these parts of your loft when you consider insulation and think about boiler jackets and insulation for the pipes too.

Another part to remember is the loft hatch. Strips of draught excluding material around the frame’s edge are a way to counter any potential problems.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Improving your home efficiency with insulation will help you to save hundreds of pounds every year on heating bills.
  • As heat naturally rises, loft lagging acts as a superb insulator to retain warmth in the home.
  • 20% of heat can be lost through inefficient walls, so consider wall cavity and solid wall insulation.
  • You could be wasting £200 a year on heat with inefficient windows. Consider replacement double glazing.

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