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Loft insulation tips

The idea of insulating a loft is to keep your home warmer, not to create problems. So read the following tips and avoid the pitfalls, while also gaining more benefits:

  • Air vents must be left clear to avoid problems with condensation or damp
  • To prevent overheating – keep electric cables, wiring and light fittings uncovered
  • If your loft has better insulation, your water pipes are at more risk of becoming frozen so ensure that they are well lagged
  • Install a board walkway to the water tank to avoid damage caused by walking on the insulation
  • Protect insulation between joists if anything is to stand on it – boards beneath the item prevents the insulation from becoming squashed and less efficient, and
  • As you look back at a job well done and close the loft hatch – was it insulated and draught-proofed as well?

Insulation tips to help you save time and money

    • Shop around for an accredited or approved installer.
    • Apply for a grant for cavity wall and loft insulation.
    • When looking at external wall insulation for sold walls check with your local authority planners to see if it objects to any kinds of cladding, especially if you live in a conservation area.
    • If you plan to take on loft insulation work yourself in your home check first how that affects grants.
    • If you live in a house less than 10-years old check out your paperwork, as there is every chance the house already has things like cavity wall insulation
    • Ensure that ventilation is good so that you don’t cause problems with damp.

loft insulation

Loft insulation

    • Keep electric cables, wiring and light fittings uncovered to prevent overheating
    • Ensure water pipes are well lagged, as it will be a colder place after loft insulation has been installed
    • Install a board walkway to the water tank to avoid damage by walking on and crushing insulation on the floor, and
      Don’t forget to insulate and draught-proof the loft hatch.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Improving your home efficiency with insulation will help you to save hundreds of pounds every year on heating bills.
  • As heat naturally rises, loft lagging acts as a superb insulator to retain warmth in the home.
  • 20% of heat can be lost through inefficient walls, so consider wall cavity and solid wall insulation.
  • You could be wasting £200 a year on heat with inefficient windows. Consider replacement double glazing.

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