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Insulation savings

It is difficult to estimate potential savings with insulation because each circumstance is different.

The Energy Saving Trust gives guidelines to the potential annual savings on fuel bills that can be made. They are:

  • Cavity wall insulation – up to £115 annually
  • Solid wall insulation – up to £400 yearly
  • Loft insulation – up to £150

They are all substantial savings and, as fuel prices rise, will help householders save even more energy and money.

Saving the planet

When we talk about savings we automatically thing of our bank balances. But it would be hard not to have heard about the harm we are all doing to our world and atmosphere by using too much energy.

You can play your part in cutting harmful emissions – the sensible way to do that is to use less heat. Having a well-insulated home does just that.

A fact to remember – the Energy Saving Trust calculates that the average UK household creates 5.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) every year, all helping to pollute the atmosphere.

In 2007 142 million tonnes of carbon dioxide was created from the energy used to light, heat and power our homes – 26 per cent of the UK total for the year.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Improving your home efficiency with insulation will help you to save hundreds of pounds every year on heating bills.
  • As heat naturally rises, loft lagging acts as a superb insulator to retain warmth in the home.
  • 20% of heat can be lost through inefficient walls, so consider wall cavity and solid wall insulation.
  • You could be wasting £200 a year on heat with inefficient windows. Consider replacement double glazing.

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