Grants for wall insulation

As winter rolls round once again it’s now one of your main priorities to ensure the home’s warm. During the cold months you’ll lose a lot of heat from your property, and will probably have to turn the thermostat up to stay warm.

But there are some excellent ways to retain heat in your home and the best news still is that you could be eligible for grants to help cover the costs. Insulation is an excellent way to reduce your bills and there are many varieties to consider including wall cavity, loft lagging, flooring and pipe insulation.

Essentially, what insulation does is lock heat inside so it’s not lost to the elements. This means you won’t need to up the boiler’s workload and can instead enjoy a much warmer home.

There are a few grants and schemes made available to the public and these will help boost your home’s energy efficiency rating. To benefit from Government grants, you’ll need to be receiving one of the following:

  • Working tax credits
  • Child tax credits
  • Income based Employment Support Allowance
  • Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income based Disability Living Allowance.

If your home requires cavity wall insulation, then you could also be eligible for a grant to cover these costs. You will need to meet one of the following eligibility criteria though:

  • Have a child under 16 in full-time education
  • Have a child under 20 in full-time education
  • Receive Disability Premium or Disabled Child Premium.
  • Received any kind of Working Tax Credits with a Disability element.
  • Are aged 60 or over.

Remember, these schemes won’t be around forever, so if you want to reduce bills and save yourself a lot of money, take action now and create a warmer and cosier home.

What if I’m not eligible for grants?

If you’re not eligible for any grants then it’s not the end of the world. First off, your energy suppliers could be offering free insulation, so give them a ring and find out what they are providing their customers.

Also remember that by investing in insulation you can enjoy a superb return on investment. In fact, payback can be in as little as two years so it still makes sense to invest.

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