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Free insulation grants and schemes


Insulation is very important in the modern day, especially with the national energy suppliers increasing their costs significantly. There are a number of ways to insulate the home too, with savings of £180 possible with loft insulation and £140 with wall cavity insulation.

What free insulation can I get?

Until the end of 2012, most homeowners in the UK were eligible to receive free or discounted insulation. This was through the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target scheme. The scheme has ended, but there are still ways to benefit, so take a look at the possibilities below:

Scottish Power

Scottish Power are offering free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation to all Scottish Power customers and non-customers receiving certain benefit.

When is the scheme’s deadline? The scheme could close at any time, with no official finishing point.

How can I apply? Call 0845 601 7836.

British Gas

British Gas have a scheme available depending on where you live and if you’re in receipt of income related benefits. The offer is open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a British Gas customer. With eligibility you could benefit from free loft insulation and/or wall cavity insulation. You could even receive £50 for referring someone for insulation. The receiving person will also receive £50.

When is the deadline? The scheme could end at any time.

How can I apply? Call 0800 084 3863.

Sainsbury’s Energy

Sainsbury’s are offering free loft and cavity wall insulation for their customers over 70 and receiving benefits. This could be in store, on Sainsbury’s online or with the energy supply.

When is the deadline? With no official closing the date, the scheme can be withdrawn at any time.

How do I apply? Call 0800 077 3831.


Npower are also offering free loft or cavity wall insulation to homeowners in the UK. All npower customers are eligible for help from the energy supplier. Non-npower customers in receipt of certain benefits can also apply.

When is the deadline? There is no deadline, so the offer could expire at any time.

How can I apply? You can apply for free insulation online or by calling 0800 980 2135.

Discounts on DIY insulation products

If you want to fit your own insulation, ensure to find products which have been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. They’re easy enough to find, with their logo present. This means they have passed quality control and comply with Building Regulations too.

If you’re looking for insulation, most home stores will sell what you need, including the big brands such as B&Q and Homebase.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Improving your home efficiency with insulation will help you to save hundreds of pounds every year on heating bills.
  • As heat naturally rises, loft lagging acts as a superb insulator to retain warmth in the home.
  • 20% of heat can be lost through inefficient walls, so consider wall cavity and solid wall insulation.
  • You could be wasting £200 a year on heat with inefficient windows. Consider replacement double glazing.

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