The true cost of cavity wall insulation

If you’ve never considered cavity wall insulation before, then it’s past time to start now. Cavity wall insulation won’t actually set you back a fortune and will instead save you a wealth of money on your bills.

Most homes built after the 1920s have cavity walls, so the chances are your property is included in this.

Essentially a cavity wall is constructed from an inner and outer wall, with a gap in between (the cavity). These are much more efficient than the older solid walls and by plugging the gap with insulation you can make huge savings.

With cavity wall insulation you have the opportunity to save over £100 every year, so there’s no reason not to consider an investment.

Benefits of cavity wall insulation

With cavity wall insulation you can enjoy a number of superb benefits, including:

  • It’s pretty easy to install and won’t take a professional too long. Foam insulation simply fills the cavity space
  • The insulation can be topped up as and when it’s needed, ensuring you don’t suffer heat loss in the colder months
  • It’s not too expensive, which means it’s possible to afford a one-off payment
  • Your energy supplier could be obliged to provide free insulation or you could make the most of certain Government schemes
  • You will reduce your CO2 emissions by using less heat in the home.

Cavity wall insulation costs

Cavity wall insulation can vary in price depending on the company you use, but below are costs sourced from three independent bodies:

  • – £350
  • – £450-500
  • – £450-500

Remember, the prices shown above are only estimates and this will change depending on the size of your home and the amount of cavity insulation you require. You could need to spend more or less on your own insulation.

What’s important is to speak to a number of companies in your area in order to compare prices and get the best deal. Never sign a contract without speaking to at least three different contactors and make sure you know what’s included with the service.

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