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    Insulation materials

    There are a range of materials available for lofts, solid and cavity walls – let’s take a look at some of them. INSULATING YOUR LOFT You may already have some insulation in your loft – but modern recommendations say that … Continue reading…

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    Insulation savings

    It is difficult to estimate potential savings with insulation because each circumstance is different. The Energy Saving Trust gives guidelines to the potential annual savings on fuel bills that can be made. They are: Cavity wall insulation – up to … Continue reading…

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Essential Tips & Advice

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    Top tips for insulating your windows

    In the winter months it’s important to have adequate insulation for your home. Without it, you risk wasting hundreds of pounds as heat is allowed to escape your property rather than being kept inside. If you’re thinking about getting your … Continue reading…

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    Free insulation grants and schemes

    Insulation is very important in the modern day, especially with the national energy suppliers increasing their costs significantly. There are a number of ways to insulate the home too, with savings of £180 possible with loft insulation and £140 with … Continue reading…

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    Loft lagging and insulation

    As heat rises it’s important to have sufficient loft insulation in place, to retain this warmth in your home and keep energy prices down. In fact, a quarter of the heat your boiler produces can be lost through an uninsulated … Continue reading…

Energy saving tools and calculators

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    Insulation Buyers Guide

    With the national energy prices rising for many homeowners in the UK it has become important to consider adequate insulation for your property. Heat can be lost through the roof, walls, windows, doors and even floor so there’s plenty to … Continue reading…

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    Insulation options and grants

    Paying for insulation in your home is important in order to improve the energy efficiency of your property and reduce those ever-increasing energy bills. Some of the simple insulation measures can be done yourself at a relatively cheap cost, while … Continue reading…

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    Compare Insulation Prices

    Find out how much home insulation will cost with our easy to use cost calculator. Simply complete the instant online form with details about your home and the insulation you require and we will find prices for you. Compare Insulation … Continue reading…